Advantages and disadvantages of plasma cutting

  • • versatility of technology: Almost all known materials can be cut using a plasma arc, starting with cast iron and copper and ending with aluminum and steel cold-rolled sheets.
  • • high speed of operation for metals of medium and small thickness;
  • • the cuts come out really high-quality and high-precision, which often makes it possible not to carry out additional machining of products;
  • • minimum air pollution;
  • • no need to preheat the metal to cut it, which reduces (and significantly) the burning time of the material;
  • • high work safety due to the fact that no cylinders are required for cutting.

The plasma cutting machine is designed for cutting metal with the maximum recommended cutting thickness up to 22 mm. The table is equipped with plasma cutting machines Hypertherm.

Materials to be processed: low carbon steels, structural steels, high alloy steels, tool steels, galvanized and aluminized steels, aluminum and copper alloys.

The modern CNC system, combined with precision mechanics, allow for high precision and quality of metal cutting, and ensure the repeatability of the cut parts during batch production. Equipment positioning accuracy is 0.1 m.

We make metal cutting on an automated CNC table, up to 22 mm thick.

It is possible to manually cut metals up to 50 mm thick.

Workpiece thickness:

  • • carbon steel 0,5 -50 mm.
  • • stainless steel 0,5-40 mm.
  • • aluminum 0,5-40 mm.
  • • Sheet sizes 1500 by 3000 mm.