The laboratory is in close proximity to the production of concrete products and controls European methods of physical and mechanical testing of concrete.

The Concrete Laboratory has state-of-the-art laboratory equipment for the development of new concrete composition selection maps and quality control of concrete mix production:

  • • Laboratory mixer for mixing concrete mixtures;
  • • Forms for making samples;
  • • Press to determine compressive strength;
  • • A room or cabinet for storing samples under normal conditions;
  • • Scales Concrete mixer for production of trial mixes and selection of concrete composition;
  • • Climatic chambers or rooms to determine the frost resistance of concrete.

The Concrete Laboratory is responsible for controlling the concrete mix produced and manufactured by:

  • • Input control of aggregates (cement sand gravel and concrete additives);
  • • Operational control of cement gravel sand and concrete additives;
  • • Control of concrete mixes in accordance with GOST;
  • • Analysis of test results and drawing up of test reports;
  • • Teaching employees technological parameters;
  • • Advising clients.