Construction works and services are performed by a wide range of specialized specialists. There is an opportunity to perform various construction and repair works in stages, without involving specialists from different highly specialized organizations, which significantly affects the limited budget of the customer. The works are performed by qualified and highly qualified specialists, who guarantee the quality and durability of their work.

The cost of construction work performed by our company is very democratic and flexible. By agreement with the customer work is made of a variety of materials. The availability of modern construction equipment used in the execution of work, significantly saves time and money for the customer. Our specialists carry out high quality repair and construction works, which allows us to successfully hold positions in the Ukrainian market.

We provide the following types of construction services:

  • • Construction of residential, industrial and auxiliary buildings;
  • • Preparation of the site before construction, including demolition of old buildings;
  • • Installation of water supply and sewerage networks, heating and air-conditioning systems;
  • • Plastering and finishing works;
  • • Industrial floors;
  • • Roofing works;
  • • Construction of swimming pools;

Types of construction work

The construction of any building begins with the collection of baseline data for the design and construction of the land. The next stage of the work consists of the design documentation, which is executed by the project organization. After approval of the project and receipt by the customer of the declaration for production works begins construction work, which includes work on the underground and aboveground parts of the building.