Our company produces top grade mortars. We offer developers of various sizes to buy concrete. We independently select raw materials for the production of high quality materials. In our company you can easily order any volumes of ready mixes in any area of ​​the Kherson region.

Delivery is carried out using modern concrete mixers, in which the warehouse does not lose properties during transportation. Different volumes of concrete mixers make it possible to deliver different volumes. Our concrete plant is equipped with advanced equipment that allows you to produce large volumes of quality mixtures quickly. Just call us and order great ready-to-use solutions right at your construction site.

Stamps and grades of concrete

In the design of concrete and reinforced concrete structures determine the required characteristics of concrete: strength class (grade), frost resistance and water resistance.

Concretes are divided into classes: В1; В1, 5; В2; В2, 5; В3, 5; В5; В7, 5; В10; В12, 5; В15; В20; В25; В30; В40; В45; В50; В55; B60.

Brand of concrete for frost resistance – this is the maximum number of cycles of variable freezing and thawing that withstand test specimens without reducing the compressive strength of more than 5% compared to the strength of specimens tested at equivalent ages, and for road concrete, in addition, without losing more than 5% of the mass.

The following frost resistance brands have been installed: F50, F75, F100, F150, F200, F300, F400, F500.

Brand of waterproof concrete – is the water pressure at which the installed samples do not pass water under standard test conditions.

The following brands of waterproof concrete are used: W2, W4 W6, W8, W10, W12.