PN 936

The PN 936 forklift is equipped with a well-proven Deutz engine, which together with a reliable transmission guarantees excellent machine performance.

The articulated frame provides a small turning radius for the front loader.

The horizontal position of the bucket is set automatically, which increases efficiency and reduces operator fatigue.

The use of high quality steels ensures high reliability of the construction in different operating conditions.

Automatic adjustment of the horizontal position of the bucket. Bucket volume 2.0 m3. Unloading height 3057 mm. Top speed is 35 km / h. Fuel tank of 160 l.

Technical Specifications

Bucket standard m3 2.0
Coal M3 Bucket 2.5
Bucket Book Breakthrough Effort 96
Capacity t 3.0
Engine Manufacturer DEUTZ
Rated kW 92
Minimum specific fuel consumption g / kW * h 215
Maximum torque n. m. 500
Full cycle time 10.3
Max, Traction, KN 80
Brake System Pneumatic drive + hand brake
Unloading height, mm 3057
mm Unloading Range 906
Pressure in the hydraulic system of the work equipment MPa 16