Belarus 1523

AGRICULTURAL BELARUS 1523 wheeled agricultural tractor - with 155 hp engine, 3.0 thrust class with 4x4 wheel formula. It is intended for performance of various agricultural works with hinged, semi-mounted, towed machines and implements, loading and unloading means, with cleaning complexes, for drive of stationary agricultural machines, as well as for transport works in different climatic zones.

Technical Specifications

Construction weight, kg 5700
Factory weight, kg 5800
Operating weight, kg 6250
Weight is maximum (full), kg 9000
Base (mm) 2760
Overall dimensions: length, mm 4710
Overall dimensions: Width, mm 2300
Overall dimensions: Height, mm 3000
Engine. Power rating, kW (hp) 116 (158)
Torque factor,% 16.5
Gearbox Mechanical, stepped, range
Number of Forward Gears
Number of gears back 8
Maximum Pressure, MPa 20