A measuring instrument Testo 435-4

Professional measuring device for assessing the air quality in the premises and the environment, adjustment and verification of HVAC systems, characterized by the effectiveness of the measuring process. User-friendly measuring device has an engineering solution to perform any task and measure any flow rate; equipped with heated probes, impellers and Pitot tube.

The choice of user profiles, such as "duct measurement" or "long-term measurement", creates great convenience for the user.
The new indoor air quality assessment probe (IAQ) measures CO2, relative humidity and air temperature. In addition, a Deluxe probe and a comfort level probe can be connected to assess traction. Clear analysis and archiving help document data. Temperature and humidity measurement functions are integrated into the new heated probe. A special flow rate Protocol professionally documents measurements in air ducts. It is also possible to connect additional temperature and humidity probes. Data from three temperature or humidity probes can be clearly displayed on the instrument display.

Technical Specifications

< td>ABS / TPE / metal< / td>

Storage temperature -30 ... +70 °C
Operating temperature -20 ... +50 °C
Battery type Alkaline magnesium, Type AA
Battery Life 200 hours
Dimensions 225 x 74 x 46 mm
Body material
Measuring range -200 ... +1370 °C