Vacuum pump P4001E

Vacuum unit P4001E company TREMIX is used to reduce the water content by 20-25% in freshly laid concrete.

Tremix has developed technology and equipment for the construction of concrete floors, bases and floors, allowing to give concrete structures of high quality. A complex system has been created, the main task of which is to effectively reduce the water-cement ratio in the laid concrete mixture to the optimal level. This is achieved by using a set of equipment for vacuuming concrete.
When vacuuming, part of the free water is sucked off and the hardening and strength gain processes proceed in the same way as in concrete from rigid mixtures.
Using the method of vacuuming makes it possible to use concrete mixtures with high water-cement ratio, which simplifies and reduces the cost of their distribution and compaction.
In the process of vacuuming, the water-cement ratio is aligned with the height of the concrete base and reduced by 15-25%, which allows to achieve exceptional compaction of the structural frame of concrete, reduce its porosity and achieve a significant improvement in the physical and mechanical characteristics of concrete.
The set of equipment for vacuum treatment of concrete includes a vacuum pump P 4001E, vacuum Mat TOR and filter material FP.

Technical Specifications

Pump capacity (at 70%vacuum) 1850 l/min
Maximum vacuum 0.9 kgf/cm2(90%vacuum)
Motor power 4 kW
Current type 3-phase 50Hz
Voltage 380V
Dimensions 1300/710/860mm
Weight 125 kg