Gasoline generator Daishin SEB7000Ha

Single-phase synchronous self-excited gasoline generator Daishin SEB 7000 Ha AC. Equipped with HONDA engine with attachments and quick start system. It can serve as an alternative power source on construction sites, garage and small cottage.

Features of Daishin SEB 7000 Ha:

• built on the basis of a four-stroke single-cylinder Honda engine with powerful air cooling
• the indicator of fuel level, system of protective shutdown in case of low oil level
• top valve arrangement makes the engine more economical
• roomy fuel tank provides up to 9 hours of battery life at one gas station
• low operating noise and vibration allows you to place a gasoline generator Daishin SEB 7000 Ha in the vicinity of the place of stay
• the AVR system allows you to receive electricity suitable for power supply of electrical devices whimsical to its quality, a voltmeter for visual control of the output voltage, a DC output of 12V/8.3A
• simple manual start-up even in the cold season, intuitive control panel
• thanks to the unselfish frame of welded metal pipes, the generator is compact in size and light in weight for its class
• all Daishin generators are pre-trained and tested before shipment.

Technical Specifications

Number of phases 1 (220V)
Active power 5
Maximum power 5.5kW
Drive motor Honda 13l.s.
Fuel tank 25l Gasoline
Stand-alone operation 9h
Dimensions 691/540/515mm